• Peter Fuchs, Dr.
  • Markus Heidingsfelder, Dr.
Keywords: organization, psyche, communication, hierarchy, functionally dif- ferentiated society


Our daily lives are dominated by a profusion of organizations. This paper examines the impact of these ‘inescapabilities’ on our psyche from a sociological perspective. It first constructs a problem to which organizations can be interpreted as a solution, in order to then take a closer look at the construction of that solution. The central thesis is that the modern psyche cannot be understood without reference to this type of social system.

Author Biographies

Peter Fuchs, Dr.

Professor Emeritus at the Department of Social Work, Education and Training, University of Neubrandenburg, Germany.

Markus Heidingsfelder, Dr.

Assistant Professor at the School of Arts and Sciences, Xiamen University, Malaysia.

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