Editorial Board

Patron, Editorial Board:

                                Prof. Dr. Khalid M. Iraqi, Vice-Chancellor, University of Karachi.


Chief Editor:                                                                    Editor:

Dr. Nasreen Aslam Shah                                    Prof. Dr. Uzma Shujaat

Meritorious Professor                                        Area Study Centre for Europe          

Acting Director                                                    University of Karachi

Area Study Centre for Europe

University of Karachi



Dr. Tasneem Sultana                                          Mr. Muhammad Ahsan                                   

Professor, ASCE                                                     Research Associate, ASCE          


Dr. Shaista Shaheen Zafar                              

Assistant Professor, ASCE                                  


Editorial Advisory Board

Ambassador (Retd.) Najmuddin A. Shaikh

Former Foreign Secretary of Pakistan


Ambassador (Retd.) Shamshad Ahmad

Former Foreign Secretary of Pakistan


Prof. Dr. Adnan Sarwar Khan

Head of Department, International Relations, National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad


Prof. Dr. Syed Rifaat Hussain

Professor of Public Policy, National University of Sciences and Technology, Islamabad


Prof. Dr. Noman Sattar

Visiting Faculty, School of Politics and International Relations, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad


Prof. Dr. Udo Steinbach

Director, Institute of Middle East Studies, Hamburg, Berlin, Germany


Dr. Dietrich Reetz

Privatdozent, Zentrum Moderner Orient, Competence Network Crossroads Asia, Berlin, Germany


Dr. Rainer Brunner

Director Research, French National Center for Scientific Research, Paris, France


Dr. Michel Boivin

Research Director, Centre for Studies in India and South Asia, EHESS-CNRS, Paris, France


Prof. Dr. Emil Kirchner

Jean Monnet Chair in European Political Integration, European Center of Excellence, University of Essex, U.K